Valentine Gift Certificate for a Photo Shoot

Valentine’s Day is almost here!   What to get, what to get?

Flowers?  Sure.  They die

Chocolate?  Sure.  Yawn

Best gift, the gift that will keep on giving…

A gift certificate for a photo session with Cinematic Afterglow.  She can call and schedule her session around her schedule.  She will be treated like royalty, have her makeup expertly applied, we will help her find and choose her wardrobe.  We have tons of props, accessories and clothes in our studio she is welcome to.  She is photographed looking glamourous, goes home feeling beautiful, appreciated, loved and amazing…

She wins.  You win.

Her photos come in and, wow, You both win!   ~Show her you appreciate Her, that you actually put some thought into who she is, her beauty and that you want to invest in her and have something in the end you can both cherish forever.

Happy Valentine’s Day My Loves!

….details are on the flyer!

Cinematic Senior Reps

These are the great Model Reps we brought on to our Senior Team this year.

Being a Senior Model Rep for Cinematic Afterglow is fun and easy.  You just need to like people, like getting your picture taken and share them with your friends.

When a Rep sends someone in to the studio, they get points for some cool free stuff, so if one of these reps told you about us, and the great time they had for their photo shoots, be sure to let us know.  You get a cool app (by showing us their shared app) to show your friends or a free print just for mentioning they sent you in.  Be sure to mention it when you book.

Here are some of the other fun shotss we got of these awesome Seniors.  We’ll be sharing more very soon from their individual sessions.



Mikayla,Chris, Josh, Kevin and Alexandra




Our first Model Rep Session for the 2015 Seniors

It was a lot of fun.  The girls got their hair and makeup done in the studio and we brought in a ’47 Buick to do the shoot with.

If you have any questions about us, give us a call, and definitely ask one of our reps about us!

Congratulations Class of 2015~  We hope you have an amazing year!    …See you in the Studio soon…

Denise and Joe @Cinematic Afterglow
1600 Lena Street, Santa Fe

Joey and Renee

So we get to go to this really great wedding…


And we’re pretty excited…


We get to capture the Love,


The Laughter,


The Awesomeness,




The Beauty,



The Preparation,




The Forever Moments,

_GRA6323-Edit _MG_8256


And the beginning of a new chapter in some pretty great people’s lives.

Thank you Renee and Joey for including us, entrusting us, and making our day by asking us to photograph your special day.  There are so many more wonderful photographs for you to cherish and forever have.  Some of these photos will jog your memory, others will just be a mirror to what you felt and experienced, while others still, will be all new visions of your wedding.  While Renee was preparing and getting ready to say “I Do”, the love, joy and anticipation was evident in everyone.  The ceremony itself was filled with love and light hearted, happy moments.  The reception was, well, the photos will speak for themselves of the joy, happiness and love felt by everyone.

We wish you a forever together of laughter, love, light and joy.  We wish you a long walk into the ‘Afterglow’ and a Happily Ever After.  Congratulations!!     ~Cinematic Afterglow~


2014 Demon Throwdown Cheer and Dance Competition (Trailer)

Baby B….

Cutie Pie

We photographed this beautiful child when she was just a baby.  She was a sweet lovable newborn who has grown a bit into a fun, happy toddler.
The golden unruly curls on top of her head tell quite a story and match her personality wonderfully.


Photography is a joy and one of the loves in my life.  Working with so many different people of all ages and personalities is another.



It is a pleasure and a challenge to capture an image that will one day be cherished even more later than today .  My goal is to capture a true beautiful moment in time that will someday be looked back upon with utter love, and some longing.  I wish that someday this little girls children will hold this photo and in awe, ask, “Mommy, is this you?”, and know her just a little more, and love her just a little more because they really See the child in her:  the innocence, the Love, the light and the joy.  One day her mom will hold this photo, and instantly remember the wonderful, sweet, special little girl she was at this age.  This is why I do what I do.  This is why I love what I do.  When I stop getting that lump in my throat, and that tear in my eye because I know I am creating future moments in a picture that will someday be an old photograph~  a memory, a look back, then and only then will I put down my camera.  Until that moment, I strive to capture your future old photograph.

Love it now, Cherish it Forever

Cinematic Afterglow
Portrait Photography

1600 Lena Street, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening

You are invited to the Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening at Cinematic Afterglow Photography and Video Studio on August 2, 2012 at 4 pm, Please join us!


Click here for Invitation (no need to print)

We’ll be making appointments that day for sessions and waiving all our session fees ($25 rescheduling fee will apply if you have to change your date), there will be music and food.  We are looking forward to having you to our new space!  1228 Parkway Drive in Santa Fe.

We’ll have live entertainment too!  “The Glassman” from Element 37   will be playing, the beautiful Saltana Dancers will be performing and Acey May will be there to offer Henna at some great prices.

Please call if you have any questions (505)471-2857.  We hope to see you next Thursday!



Carnival Fun…

…with the girl from  La Bamba Pinups.

Get the look! 

We have a studio but we Love location and theme shoots!

We had fun at the Carnival shooting this look for La Bamba Pinups, high rise shorts and cute anchor top can both be found on online shop.  Those and some other really cute retro fashions and  inspiration.

Thanks to our beautiful model, Lauren for putting together a great look and having the good idea to make a trip to the Carnival!  …even if we did get a little bit kicked out.

It was a really fun shoot and well worth the drama we caused!

La Bamba Pinups

Cinematic Afterglow Por Vida …and you can find us on Pinterest


A Girl Boxer…

…and she looks good in Pink

Friday we had the good fortune to meet and photograph professional boxer, kick boxer and black belt Brandi ‘Babydoll’ Montoya in our studio.  If you’ve been following Brandi, you already know she’s kind, beautiful, tough and gracious besides being a great athlete.  You can definitely add us to her growing list of fans.

I wanted to share some of the off session shots we took in our loft where we do mostly Glamour Photography.  The other images won’t be ready to share yet, but this is a glimpse into my favorite part of the shoot…

Love those Boots!

She’s a girl who loves pink, fighting and her fans…

Oh …Did I mention she can kick ass?


~We can’t wait to share more~

Thanks for a great shoot Brandi!

Cinematic Afterglow

1228 Parkway Drive, Ste C in Santa Fe   (505) 471-2857

Studio is Open!

We’ve been working on the studio.  We’ve done the floor, a little bit of painting, a new floor for the loft, some moving in and even painted a few stairs …and We are officially in our new space.  We have a Studio!

We are planning a ribbon cutting ceremony, grand opening specials and open house.  You can come in now through June 22, 2012 to enter your name to win a photo shoot/package worth $300 and if you check in on Facebook while you’re there, you’ll get a free 8×10 print of your shoot.  Just stop in to check out the new space, we’d love to have you come in.  You can always book with us later.
 We have props and lots of ideas for shoots.  We are looking foward to working with you to capture some really great images you’ll love.

Our studio is ready, and it is a work in progress, which I think is awesome.  There will always be something changing or being added to the studio, whether it’s paint on another step or an added prop.  Ideas, imagination and love of what we do are what drives us.

 We are always adding props and wardrobe.  There is a great loft upstairs full of props, wardrobe and a more intimate, private setting for glamour and boudoir sessions.



Finally!  A home for all my props!

Can’t wait to show you around the studio!  Hope to see you soon at 1228 Parkway Drive, Suite C in Santa Fe New Mexico ~ Visit us at Cinematic Afterglow where we do photography and video!


Extremely happy to announce the opening of our Studio in June 2012!
We will be located on 1228 Parkway Drive (off Rufina, 1 block East of Richards) Suite C in Santa Fe, New Mexico!

We’re still working on the details but we’ll keep you posted so you can stop by to see us in our new space!